The Asteroid Mining Corporation

Welcome to the United Kingdom's portal to the asteroid mining industry. We are a new aerospace start-up company that aims to open up the possibilities and potential of an off-Earth commercial market.
We aim to develop ground breaking technologies that will enable the extraction, processing and use of materials derived from the many millions of asteroids known to exist near Earth and further afield.

Our Steps For Opening Up The Resources Of The Solar System

The Asteroid Mining Corporation may have ambitious goals but we are starting with small steps that we can use as footholds to climb to high achievements. Everything we build is designed to be scaleable, so that the small asteroid mining probe of today will contain the same technologies as the enormous asteroid crusher of tomorrow.

Find out more about how we will use the asteroids to build the future.

The Basic Objectives In A Nutshell

What are we mining?

There are many different kinds of asteroids with different resource compositions. The asteroids themselves come in different sizes and densities meaning some are like blobs of metal, some a rubble pile. We will make use of any and all materials found to be present from Platinum group and Ferrous metals, Rare Earth minerals to Carbon and volatile compounds such as water.

Where are we mining?

We are going to be mining near Earth asteroids or NEA's.

These are asteroids that are in an orbit that is similar to that of the Earth between the orbits of Venus and Mars. There are said to be many thousands of such objects and some are easier to go to, from an energy point of view than the Moon.

How are we mining?

We are developing different spacecraft for different roles with each craft being outfitted to cope with whatever difficulties they will encounter. They will address docking and material extraction dependant on the size and composition of the asteroid. We will then process recovered asteroidal materials and send the valuable resources back to Earth, while using the recovered ferrous metals to construct further space mining infrastructure.

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