Asteroid Mining Corporation

Welcome to AMC, the Earth's portal to the space mining industry. We are a space resources company currently developing robotic and satellite platforms to enable the exploration and extraction of off-world resources, including from asteroids. These failed planetary remnants from the early formation of the Solar System are an untapped source of Platinum Group Metals, key ingredients in a range of modern technologies from hydrogen cars to smartphones and prosthetic limbs.

Realising the potential of our Solar System

AMC is developing the technology necessary to harness off-world resources, providing a brighter and more sustainable future for our planet. Over the past century, mankind has moved tentatively beyond the boundaries of our planet, and the extraction of space resources is no longer confined to the realm of science fiction. We have now achieved the technological capability to start building the infrastructure required to tap into the vast mineral wealth found on asteroids. Seeking metals elsewhere in the Solar System is a natural progression for our species, and will safeguard Earth against degrading mining practices in its fragile biosphere.

We believe that it’s time to preserve our planet by moving heavy industry beyond it.

What are we mining?

Our scan of the Near Earth and Main Belt Asteroids will search for mining candidates containing Platinum Group Metals, known to exist there in much higher concentrations than terrestrial deposits.

We are also on the lookout for ice. Asteroidal ice has positive implications for the future of space travel, providing a source of drinking water, oxygen, and spacecraft fuel for astronauts.

Where are we mining?

Provided a suitable candidate is identified there, our first port of call will be the Near Earth Asteroids, whose orbits bring them within 1.3 astronomical units of our planet. So far, 28,000 have been identified, some of which would require less energy to reach than a journey to the Moon.

Even more can be found further away in the Main Asteroid Belt, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

How are we mining?

Terrestrial mining is a 3-stage process: prospect, explore, extract. Asteroid mining is no different. Our Asteroid Prospecting Satellite I will perform a preliminary scan of the Near Earth and Main Belt Asteroids, and our Asteroid Exploration Probes will be sent to the most promising candidates. Upon landing, we will take core samples and test our extraction technologies.

Our target is for Asteroid Mining Probe I to bring 20 tonnes of Platinum Group Metals down to Earth.

What is AMC currently developing?

AMC is building on a series of technological innovations which pave the way towards the profitable mining of space resources – from the reduction of launch costs to an expansion of robotic capabilities. It is these converging factors that enable us to establish an extraterrestrial economy.

Space Capable Asteroid Robotic Explorers

Our team is currently working in partnership with the Space Robotics Lab at Tohoku University, Japan, developing SCAR-E. These low-cost, ruggedised, walking and climbing robots will be capable of undertaking asteroid, planetary and lunar exploration, alongside mining operations.  

Designed to withstand exposure to radiation, high accelerations experienced during space launch, and extreme temperatures, SCAR-E will be capable of in-orbit asset maintenance such as spacewalking and extravehicular activity. 

These unique features will also enable them to function in hostile environments here on Earth, primarily in the fields of nuclear decommissioning, critical infrastructure inspection, mine clearance, and search & rescue operations.

Asteroid Prospecting Satellite I

AMC is on track to launch APS-1, a microsatellite space telescope, into sun-synchronous Low Earth Orbit in 2025. 

APS-1 will remain operational for a minimum of five years, scanning several thousand Near Earth and Main Belt Asteroids to estimate their compositions. The data harvested by APS-1 will fill our Space Resources Database, the first comprehensive inventory of our Solar System. 

Asteroid Exploration Probe I

AEP-1 is set to orbit and land on the successful candidates identified by our database. It will explore the surfaces of these asteroids, take samples, and select sites suitable for our subsequent mining probes.

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