Asteroid Mining Corporation

Welcome to the United Kingdom's portal to the asteroid mining industry. AMC is a young aerospace company on a mission to exploit the potential of an off-Earth commercial market.
We are currently developing a satellite to prospect the near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) for mining candidates. AMC will commercialise this dataset in the form of a Space Resources Database, using its revenues to refocus our R&D on the extraction, processing and utilisation of the available extraterrestrial materials.

Opening up the resources of our Solar System

AMC imagines and works towards a brighter, interplanetary future. At the core of our activities is the fundamental truth that if you really want to do something you have to start now, today. With the recent advances in space technology it has becoming increasingly evident that humanity has the technological capacity to mine asteroids and unlock the vast mineral wealth found within. In many cases it is a question of worldview, as we transition from a geocentric view of our place in the universe to one centred on the Sun. We call this helio-centricity; an awareness of the expanded cosmic horizons just beyond the sky. AMC does not need to mine an asteroid to be commercially successful. AMC proposes a realistic transition; based upon many small successes and technological innovations, to get us to our ultimate goal of mining an asteroid and establishing an extraterrestrial economy. Our technological development will introduce many revenue streams long before we get near an asteroid. Asteroid mining is not science fiction, nor a distant dream. It is the today of which we are a part. An international industry, it employs some of the brightest minds of our generation. The race is on to be the first to mine an asteroid profitably, in doing so becoming one of the biggest corporations of the 21st century, bringing vast tax revenues and wealth creation as the antidote to the tough economic climate here on Earth.

What are we mining?

Our extensive scan of the near-Earth and Main Belt asteroids (NEAs and MBAs) is searching for mining candidates containing Platinum Group and Rare Earth Metals (PGMs and REMs), known to exist there in much higher concentrations than terrestrial deposits. We are also on the lookout for ice. Though abundant on our Pale Blue Dot, water in space beyond the grip of Earth’s gravity well is far more valuable, for drinking, oxygen and spacecraft fuel.

Where are we mining?

Provided a suitable candidate is identified there, the first port of call will be the NEAs. These are asteroids whose orbits bring them within 1.3 astronomical units of Earth. 18,000 have been spotted and some are easier to reach than the Moon from an energetic perspective. The Main Asteroid Belt lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, further away but even more bountiful.

How are we mining?

Terrestrial mining is a 3-stage process: prospect, explore, extract. Asteroid mining is no different. Our Asteroid Prospecting Satellite I will perform a preliminary scan of the NEAs and MBAs. Asteroid Exploration Probes will subsequently land on the most promising candidates in order to take core samples and test extraction technologies. Asteroid Mining Probe I will then aim to bring 20 tonnes of PGMs and REMs down to Earth.


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