Our vision

We are first and foremost a commercial enterprise. We aim to extract resources from asteroids to boost the terrestrial economy and kick-start the extraterrestrial economy. Kilometre diameter asteroids can be valued in the £trillions, and it is not inconceivable that even larger ones may be worth £quintillions, containing enough metals to sustain civilisation for millennia. Tax revenues will pour down to Earth, whilst the profits from asteroid mining will be reinvested in building infrastructure so that we can eventually sustain a permanent population of people living and working in space. An investment in asteroid mining is an investment in a post-scarcity, spacefaring future.

Asteroid Mining Corporation is also an ecologically-minded, ethical company. We firmly believe asteroid mining will greatly benefit the Earth environmentally, by moving industry into space so that in future, the citizens of the Solar System regard our fragile biosphere as a nature reserve, much like today’s national parks.

Ultimately, we are drawn to the asteroids by something much more profound than mere profit. The team are driven by deep and lifelong obsessions with space. It has been half a century since man first set foot on the Moon, and since 1972 we haven't been back. Everyone at AMC is devoting their energy towards a mission larger and bolder than life on Earth: manned space exploration. The technologies we are developing will one day allow us to supply colonies on Mars, to explore the oceans of Europa and Enceladus and finally to ascertain whether or not we are alone in the Solar System. Eventually, mankind will attain escape velocity and go on the greatest adventure in human history, to explore and settle another solar system, so that our descendants will look up at the stars from Earth and think, “There are people like me up there.” At this point, we will have immanentised the eschaton and evolved into Homo stellaris: the humans of the stars.

Without a doubt, it is asteroid mining that will unlock this final great stage of human endeavour, allowing us to take our rightful place amongst the planets and stars and transcend the petty squabbles and nationalisms on Earth.