AMC is developing Space Capable Asteroid Robotic Explorers (SCAR-E) in partnership with Tohoku University Space Robotics Lab (SRL), Japan.

SCAR-E is being designed to open up the exploration of the Solar System, in line with current trends in the launch services market, with a low cost, highly functional, walking and climbing robot. Scalable up to 20x its initial size, SCAR-E will be capable of facilitating asteroid, planetary and lunar exploration and mining operations, as well as in-orbit asset maintenance i.e. spacewalking/EVAs.

The low cost, highly ruggedised robot will be available for commercial use across a range of destinations both on Earth and throughout the Solar System. Terrestrial beachhead markets include critical infrastructure inspection, nuclear decommission, remote sensing, disaster relief and search & rescue: reducing human exposure to hostile environments.


Concept: SCAR-E prospecting an asteroid


Concept: SCAR-E exploring a mineshaft


Concept: SCAR-Es inspecting an oil rig roof