Our partners

Liverpool John Moores University | Astrophysics Research Institute

AMC has been working for the past 3 years with Liverpool John Moores University's Astrophysics Research Institute (LJMUARI) on the development of Asteroid Prospecting Satellite One (APS-1). LJMUARI are a world leading authority on astronomy, in particular the manufacture of astronomical instruments, and remotely operate the 2 metre diameter robotic Liverpool Telescope based on La Palma. LJMUARI are designing a bespoke optics package for APS-1 and contributing to the development of the machine learning algorithms required to process the data collected by APS-1.

University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is handling the mechanical engineering for APS-1, working closely with Liverpool John Moores University, being based on opposite sides of the same road. A source of pride for the city, APS-1 will be the first ‘Liverpool Satellite’. The Liver Birds may not be able to fly, but they are going to space regardless.

University of Glasgow | School of Engineering

AMC is working with the University of Glasgow’s School of Engineering (UGSE) to develop a space mining drill. UGSE has already tested prototypes in Antarctica and in ESTEC's Large Diameter Centrifuge. Dr Kevin Worrall’s team is now upscaling their scientific instrument into a commercial tool capable of extracting material in economically viable quantities.

Northern Space Consortium

AMC is proud to be supported by the Northern Space Consortium as our primary network integrator. NSC are working to develop the space industry in the North of England and Wales. AMC was founded in Liverpool and maintains strong links to the North West of England.