Our Missions

AMC's phased approach to Asteroid Mining.

Three small steps towards the Asteroids.

Project El Dorado

Asteroid Prospecting Satellite One (APS-1) 2023

Project El Dorado APS-1 is the Earth's first Asteroid Prospecting mission.
APS-1 will conduct a spectral survey of 50000 Asteroids and Comets in order to identify which are the most viable candidates for mining.
This data will be commercialised via the Space Resources Database. Giving Academic, Industrial and Governmental customers access to compositional data on Asteroids. The APS-1 dataset will spark a revolution in humanity's relationship with outer space; as customers around the world will be given the tools to start developing their own Asteroid Mining missions supported by AMC. APS-1 is the starting pistol for the 'Asteroid Rush'. With a clear understanding of the most lucrative Asteroids in Earth's immediate sphere of influence there will be a global race to develop the technologies required to mine these objects. Asteroid Mining Corporation will work as a partner with space agencies and mining companies to develop the first Asteroid Mine circa 2035. 

'We went looking for the City of Gold, and found a New World' 


Project Drexciya 

Asteroid Exploration Probe One (AEP-1) 2027

The mission consists of a single spacecraft, known as Drexciya 1, which will be launched in 2027. The first spacecraft will travel to, rendezvous with, orbit, and land on the metallic near-Earth asteroid 1986 DA, where it will identify concentrations of platinum group metals and test several mining and minerals processing techniques for use in future missions. The spacecraft will catalogue as much information about the asteroid as possible and help pave the way for AMP-1. The total cost of developing and producing Drexciya-1 is estimated at $205 - $391 million USD, with additional Drexciya spacecraft estimated at $145 - $238 million USD.

With a successful deployment of a Drexciya class spacecraft to to an Asteroid; AMC would use this as basis for a justifiable legal claim to priority rights over the minerals held within the Asteroid. AMC would leverage this as collateral to finance the first commercial scale Asteroid Mining missions.


Project Mu

Asteroid Mining Probe One (AMP-1) 2035

Project Mu AMP-1 is the inevitable conclusion of our research and development: Earth's first commercial Asteroid Mining mission.
AMP-1 is being designed to be capable of recovering 20 tonnes of Platinum: this being equivalent to 10% of the current global annual supply.
AMP-1 will allow humanity to overcome the Malthusian Trap and expand its reach into the Solar System for the first time.
Following successful demonstration of the concept with AMP-1, AMP class missions will be offered contractually to customers around the world, the APS-1 dataset will provide a captive market for this service.
AMP-1 will also be used as a testbed for In Situ Resource Utilisation technologies and Additive Manufacturing techniques; using the Asteroids as the building blocks for an Extraterrestrial Economy.