Join the Asteroid Hunters

Investment Opportunities With the Asteroid Mining Corporation

Would you like to contribute personally to the development of British efforts to push the boundary of industry into the solar system?

If you have already seen the inherent wisdom of mining asteroids and furthering mankind's industry beyond the Malthusian confines of the Earth then join us in your interest by supporting the Asteroid Mining Corporation.

We have made a limited number of Class B shares in the company available for private investors who wish to speculate and contribute to our success and growth.

These are incentivised non-voting shares, valued at £50, which each promise the bearer on demand one gram of Asteroid Material upon the successful return of our first Asteroid Mining mission. The historical significance of the material as potentially the first asteroid material ever recovered and sold commercially, alongside the fact that such material will be the most exotic ever recovered by the human race means that an early fixed price of £50 a gram, which may speculatively increase in value as the mission approaches completion and popular demand for the material grows.

On successful completion of our first mission you will be presented with your asteroid dust in a ceremonial display alongside a certificate of authenticity.

We will release 4000 of these shares.

This is the first asteroid material ever put up for sale. 

Buy your own piece of history.

Your capital is at risk.

Please email: for more information.