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Investment Opportunities With the Asteroid Mining Corporation

The Asteroid Mining Corporation is happy to announce that we have launched our first crowdfunding campaign! In the past two years we have transformed from just our CEO and Founder Mitch working from his university bedroom with a dream and determination to establish the Space Mining industry in the UK; into a soon to be multinational corporation with a vibrant and dynamic team of 11, combining the very best young talent from business, engineering and science fields from across the world.

It is now time for the Asteroid Mining Corporation to begin development of the Asteroid Prospecting Satellite One (APS-1). We intend to launch APS-1 in 2020 in order to prospect the Near Earth Asteroids for their mineral wealth and produce the first truly accurate valuation of the NEAs as a strategic resource, with the intention of kick-starting the Space Mining industry globally and providing a strong revenue base for the development of Asteroid Mining technology and the eventual launch of Asteroid Mining missions in the late 2020's.

We are aiming to raise £2.3 million through crowdfunding to develop the payload for APS-1. This pre-seed round of funding will also allow us to gain access to various international R&D funding mechanisms to further us along towards the launch of APS-1 in 2020. We believe that APS-1 will have one of the highest cost-benefit ratios ever seen in the Space industry, as we will be unlocking the value of the NEAs and developing an entirely new industry using a single low-cost Cubesat mission.

In return for your investment you will be given equity in the Asteroid Mining Corporation Ltd, an exciting young space start-up with truly astronomical potential. Your investment would be directly contributing to the the establishment of the Space Mining industry, which will be one of the biggest new growth industries of the 2020's.

The investment fund is being hosted by Crowdcube and is currently open for early investors and then later the general Crowdcube community!
If you would like to invest in The Asteroid Mining Corporation please follow this link below:

If you would like to know more please contact us using the contact form on the website and one of our business development team will be happy to discuss investment opportunities with you.

As with all investment opportunities, your capital is at risk!