Asteroid Mining Corporation Ltd. was founded in March 2016 by Mitch Hunter-Scullion, who had just completed his dissertation, entitled “The case for asteroid mining: examining the economic and political benefits to be gained from mining in space.” Having spent months researching and poring over every resource he could find on the subject, he realised three things.

Firstly, any company that mines an asteroid has the potential to become immensely rich, since asteroids are staggeringly valuable resources. By way of illustration, a 1 km diameter 90th percentile bountiful metallic asteroid can be expected to contain precious metals worth £20.2 trillion.

Secondly, if the human race truly wants to leave Earth, the cradle of our civilisation, to colonise space, then asteroid mining is vital. Recovered metals will be utilised in-situ to build the large scale space infrastructure necessary to house a permanent population. Recovered ice will supply drinking water, oxygen and spacecraft fuel. Removing resources from our limited planet to fuel space exploration is obviously unsustainable, whilst Earth’s deep gravity well exacts a high energetic cost for every gram.

Thirdly, very few companies in the world had been set up with the primary aim of mining an asteroid, with the two major players in the field (now defunct) both being based in the US.

It was then that he decided the United Kingdom, as the country that had brought the world the first and second Industrial Revolutions, should play an equally important role in the next. That is the ultimate goal of AMC: to advance the march of human progress by moving as many polluting industries into space and out of Earth's fragile biosphere as possible so that the Earth can become the garden of the Solar System.