Asteroid (Mining) Day Press Release

The Asteroid Mining Corporation would like to wish all the citizens of Earth a happy Asteroid Day! Asteroids are one of mankind’s greatest threats, they wiped out the dinosaurs after all, but they are also our greatest opportunity. If humanity wants to expand beyond the Earth and explore the solar system and beyond we are going to need to mine asteroids for water, oxygen and construction materials. Thankfully the asteroids contain these in abundance alongside vast quantities of Gold, Rare Earth elements and Platinum group metals: an asteroid just 2km across could contain 10,000 tonnes of Gold, and 100,000 tonnes of Platinum, worth £300 billion and £2.5 trillion respectively. Clearly there is a modern day gold rush just waiting to happen. We consider it our jobs to open up the economic potential of the asteroids, so that we can one day cross new horizons of exploration and drive forward space colonisation for the benefit of mankind. Asteroid mining has the potential to be the single largest industry of the 21st century, with the vast resources of space allowing humans to make the final great evolutionary leap and leave Earth, the cradle of humanity, to go explore, live and work in the sky.

Following our announcement at the 2017 UK Space Conference in Manchester that we want to start mining asteroids for Britain as soon as possible the Asteroid Mining Corporation is aiming to be at the forefront of this nascent and exciting new industry, with the intention of bringing immense wealth and technological advances to post-Brexit Britain. Asteroid mining is the future of humanity, and the Asteroid Mining Corporation aims to usher in a new era of technological civilisation where resources are mined outside the Earth’s biosphere in order to cut down on deadly pollution: we only have one Earth, and it is the fragile garden of the solar system, humanity’s natural home. By mining our resources in space we avoid damaging the fragile ecosphere while also facilitating the development of a space based economy, clearly a mutually beneficial situation for both human civilisation and the environment. The resources we harvest in space will be used to build large space stations and industrial mining infrastructure in Space with only the highest value resources such as Platinum group metals, Rare Earth materials and Gold being returned to Earth. Mining in space may sound like the work of science fiction but it is based in economic realities and scientific facts, simply put there is a lot of money to be made mining the vast resources of outer space. We are the Asteroid Mining Corporation. We are the future, today. Join us on our journey to the Asteroids, Planets and beyond.