Asteroid Mining Corporation To Launch Crowdfund

The Asteroid Mining Corporation (AMC) are launching their crowdfund this Friday the 29th of June on Crowdcube to coincide with Asteroid Day. They aim to raise £230,000 (10% of the total costs of the Asteroid Prospecting Satellite One). This crowdfund will kickstart the UK Space Mining industry by being the first private funding for this exciting new sector in British history.

AMC aim to launch the Asteroid Prospecting Satellite One (APS1) in late 2020. APS1 will conduct a spectral scan of the Near Earth Asteroids from Low Earth Orbit in order to determine their composition and value. This data being critical to AMC’s long term plans to mine an Asteroid by 2030. AMC intends to commercialise the data generated from APS1 in order to provide a revenue stream to the business to fund the development of the Asteroid Resource Extraction technology which is being concurrently developing alongside academic partners.

The Asteroid Mining Corporation then intends to send a second satellite to the asteroid which is identified as having the largest deposits of Platinum. This will conduct a close up Prospecting survey of the asteroid in order to produce a global surface map of its mineralogical, metallurgical and molecular composition in order to determine where the highest concentrations of Platinum Group Metals can be found. The APS2 satellite will also examine the structural properties of the Asteroid in order to find the best landing site and to identify the attachment mechanisms needed to ensure that the Mining Probe can attach to its target and mine successfully, thereby unlocking the vast wealth of the Asteroids for the first time, benefiting all humanity in ways we can currently scarcely imagine.

The crowdfund which launches on Friday is the beginning of this exciting story, perhaps one of the most exciting stories in human history, as it marks the beginning of a new era in the UK’s relationship with Deep Space, no longer constrained to the gravitational shackles of Earth’s Orbit, the Asteroid Mining Corporation is striking out further into the Solar System than any British company has ever ventured.

Asteroid Mining will become one of the biggest and most important industries of the 21st century. The vast wealth of the Near Earth Asteroids will sustain technological innovation, strong economic growth and job creation for decades, and that is before we even get started on the Main Belt Asteroids.

Invest in the Asteroid Mining Corporation to be part of this bold, exciting story and join us on our journey to the Asteroids, Planets and Beyond.