AMC Launches Crowdfunded Investment Round

Today is a special day for The Asteroid Mining Corporation because on this day, that just so happens to be Asteroid Day we launch our crowdfunded investment round.

Have you ever wanted to contribute – personally to a space venture that captures the imagination? A venture that could one day alter how, where, and with what we use to build our homes, our business and our lives.

Well now you have an opportunity to do just that with the AMC crowdfund hosted by Crowdcube!

This investment fund will go towards the development of our Asteroid Prospecting Satellite 1 (APS-1) which will be a CubeSat spectroscope space telescope, the first of it’s kind for the UK!
We will use this satellite to gather spectroscopic data on near Earth Asteroids as they pass the Earth in their orbits. This data will allow us to identify the material make up of the asteroids which we will make available commercially to customers and will also help to add a value to the asteroids surveyed further helping us to plan further missions.

An artists representation of the APS-1 CubeSat scanning a Near-Earth Asteroid as it passes by.

Go to this link to visit our crowdfund page and invest yourself: