AMC at the London School of Economics

In the first of a new series of blog posts that aim to show what life is like at AMC through the eyes of our team. Our CEO and Founder Mitch recalls a recent trip to the London School of Economics:

“I recently had the great pleasure of being invited to be the inaugural speaker at the London School of Economics Student Union Innovation in Space Society (LSESU ISS). The society, founded by Gidon Gautel and Joanne Elikie Tho, focusses on innovation in the space sector with a view to providing a means for LSE students to enter the Space Industry and forge their own careers as Space Entrepreneurs. Both myself and Jeremy, AMC’s COO attended and were extremely pleased to see such strong enthusiasm for Asteroid Mining.

I was delighted to be the first speaker of such a visionary and pioneering society. My presentation and the subsequent Q&A session covered my personal experiences as a 23 year old CEO and the Founder of the UK’s first Asteroid Mining business. I hope to inspire young people, no matter what their background or educational discipline, that there is a career for them in the Space Industry.

May I wish every success to the Members of the LSESU ISS in their careers in the Space Industry; certainly a society to watch for future power brokers in the industry. Ad Astra”

Mitch Hunter-Scullion

CEO and Founder

Asteroid Mining Corporation