About the Asteroid Exploration Probe One (AEP-1)

AMC asked its 2020 summer interns to write a report on the Asteroid Exploration Probe One. Our CEO was so impressed with the quality of this report that he wanted to share a redacted version of it publicly for discussion. Instrumentation and operational details have been redacted for commercial sensitivity. Project Drexciya is a study into the possibility of sending a commercial Asteroid Resources Exploration Mission to Asteroid 1986DA in 2027. The name of Project Drexciya is in honour of the pioneer in the sonic realm who continues to be a major influence on the development of AMC as we voyage into the deep unknown.

If you are interested in the full report, feel free to email: ceo@asteroidminingcorporation.co.uk.

For technical enquiries,

Robotics: robotics@asteroidminingcorporation.co.uk

Other: andre.nowaczek@asteroidminingcorporation.co.uk