About The Asteroid Mining Corporation

The Asteroid Mining Corporation Limited was founded in March 2016 by Mitch Hunter-Scullion, who had just completed his dissertation entitled 'The Case for Asteroid Mining: Examining the economic and political benefits to be gained from mining in Space.' Having spent months researching and poring over every resource he could find on the subject; he realised three things. Firstly, that any company that mines an asteroid is going to become immensely rich as asteroids are simply staggeringly valuable resources, with asteroid over a kilometre in diameter being valued in the trillions of pounds due to their relative abundance of Platinum group metals. Secondly, that if the human race ever truly wanted to leave Earth, 'the cradle of our civilisation' to explore, live and work in Space then Asteroid Mining was vital to sustaining any size of population asĀ  asteroidal materials are vital in the construction of the first large scale private space infrastructure. With ice recovered from the asteroids supplying the new population of space with its drinking water and oxygen. Thirdly, he realised that very few companies in the world had been set up with the intentions of mining an asteroid, with the two major players in the field both being American companies.

It was at this moment that he decided that Great Britain, as the country that had brought the world the first and second Industrial Revolutions, should play an equally important role in the third. That is the goal of the Asteroid Mining Corporation; we aim to advance the march of human progress and civilisation by bringing the world the Third Industrial Revolution: moving as many polluting industries into Space and out of Earth's fragile biosphere as possible so that the Earth can become the garden of the Solar System.

We realise that in the next 50 years there will be several billion more people on Earth than there are currently and at some point in the 21st century the Earth's population will break 10 billion; we believe given the choice that many millions will emigrate to Space, in order to be pioneers settling new lands and forging new destinies for mankind in the final frontier. In order for this dream of ours to become a reality we will build the infrastructure to support a space based population and in the process we will develop a space based economy, so that there is an economic incentive to live off Earth.

Make no mistake, we have every intention of living among the first private citizens of Space. For too many years space has only been the preserve of the exceptionally brave and gifted, it is our solemn aim to make space travel as mundane and regular as air travel is now so that we can open up space to everyone. In working towards this grand goal we will also gain a much deeper understanding about humans as a species and as a civilisation, finding answers to the most existential of questions such as 'Are we alone in the Universe?' and get incredibly rich in the process.

The Asteroid Mining Corporation is on a journey to the Asteroids, the Planets and beyond. We are the future, today. Join us on our journey.